Monday, March 2, 2009

No Day Like A Snow Day!

The children of Alexander County have to be elated today! So am I! I have prayed hard to see a good snow and here it is. Check out my photo from this morning. The snow hugged the branches so nicely. Many of my preschool children have never seen significant snow, so I hope they get out in it today.

Some new forms of reading are springing up at the Alexander County Library - graphic novels and manga. If you're not familiar with these, here is a brief description. Graphic novels are like glorified comic books - a novel in words and pictures. Manga is a Japanese form of literature where the story is told from back to front in pictures. It takes a bit to get used to, but many of my patrons now love manga once they got the hang of it.

In an ever searching quest to keep patrons engaged in reading, I would like to hear if these forms of reading interest you. Please take the time to answer my poll to the right. Also, feel free to either comment on this blog or to e-mail me at I also love suggestions if you have a favorite series in either of these styles.

Again, enjoy the snow and come back and visit any time!


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