Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Does My Heart Good!

I have a story to tell that makes my heart sing.

One of my patron's mother told me about her daughter reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer after she picked up a copy. Her daughter began to read it in the car. She continued reading it while shopping through the grocery store - nearly slamming into a pole in one of the aisles. She almost got run over in the parking lot reading instead of watching for traffic, causing her mother to force her to close the book until she was safe in the vehicle.

Then, the daughter begged for her mother to allow her to turn on the interior light in the car so she could finish the chapter. (It was, afterall, after twilight - ha! ha!)

All I can say is "God bless Stephenie Meyer!" She has taken a good, clean story and awakened a whole legion of readers - young, old, female and, yes, male! It's a great series no matter who you are.

Go Heels!


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