Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Hope your New Year is rocking! We had a wonderful TPH @ The Bean yesterday! Here is the latest offering of TPH poetry...

Poems from TPH @ The Bean, Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby!
The hint of winter
Came with a chilly breeze
Putting on my beanie
So I won’t freeze.

The blue skies belie
The frozen air that I breathe
I chastise myself
For not wearing longer sleeves.

So cold today
Icicles hanging from my nose
Yeti sipping a hot latte
What are the chances, do you suppose?

I went outside
To walk by the lake
I found it frozen
So I decided to skate.

Little ones gather near the fire
The winter storm is blowing strong
Latch the door and shut the windows
No need to worry, the chill won’t last long.

I saw with my eyes
The first snowfall from the sky
With reasons we don’t know
Wishing there were never goodbyes.

Holiday Yeti (For those still in the spirit!)
Snowflakes are falling
Santa’s almost here
Winter is calling
Time for holiday cheer!

Gather round - the Yule log is lit
Cold winter’s night flows through the house.
We don’t celebrate on this lonely night
Shut all the doors - the Yeti’s about!

Isn't that fun? We had 26 teens show for TPH and a lot of fun was had. Check out Rebecca's cool arty poem on the top right. That sums it up!

More later. Happy New Year!


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