Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saving Reading

Hi All!

You know, every now and again someone puts together a very special piece that puts tears in my eyes. Ocoee Middle School in Ocoee, Florida did just that with a music video set to a Black Eyed Peas tune, but called "Gotta Keep Reading." The scene with all those preteens boucing together in praise of books and reading does my heart good!

Paste this into your address bar and get ready to rock!

It's no secret that young folks are so overwhelmed with technology and various other activities that reading is falling behind on "the things to do" list. I tell parents, children and teens all the time that reading increases vocabulary, allows one to take a trip without leaving the couch, and gives one experiences (and how to deal with them)that one may never encounter.

So, authors, write good books! Children's librarians, stay on top of good series and make visits to the library fun! Parents, keep bringing your children and teens to the library and model reading at home. And kids? Gotta keep reading!

Love, Mel

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