Saturday, June 19, 2010

CSLP, Arizona, OH MY

Hi All!

Miss Mel is stoked! I have been invited to accompany Lori Special, the Youth Services Consultant for the State Library of North Carolina, to next year's Collaborative Summer Library Program national meeting! Yippee!

It's in Scottsdale, Arizona - land of Stephenie Meyer. Do you think we at CSLP would be lucky enough that one of the world's leading YA novelists would be drawn to visit us? Truly, that will be one huge group of librarians with children's and teen's interests in mind. And the Twilight series sure gets a lot of teens squealing (including MOI!).

Here is an opportunity to share your ideas for summer reading themes. Next year's theme is One World - Many Stories revolving around travel and world cultures.
2012's theme is going to be fun because I'll get to be in pajamas every day! (DO NOT FEAR! I am only kidding.) As you may have guessed, the theme is about bedtime.

But there are more years and more themes, so comment and tell me what you would like to see CSLP do for future summer themes. Don't quote me, but I believe 2013 may revolve around recycling/conservation, so think other than that for now.

BUT BACK TO NOW - Guess what tomorrow brings? Summer Reading 2010 - MAKE A SPLASH - READ! Everyone who is signed up needs to start tracking your time tomorrow. What a gift to Dad if you write a poem and read it to him. Hmmmmmmm....

Have a wonderful weekend and READ ON! READ ON!


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