Friday, September 24, 2010

Artist/Poets and YAYAs Are Off and Running!

Hey All,

Did you know Mel is short for Melissa? And that Melissa is from the Greek for "honeybee"? Well, dahlings, I have been acting like one lately! Have mercy, it has been busy - but very fruitful.

See the awesome compilation of couplets the savvy teens from TPH @ The Bean created at our first meeting of the year. We had 31 teens come! Yeah!

Teens and Coffee Beans

Leave hesitation at bay
Today is your golden day

Away to high school at 7 am
After which, I look forward to The Spilled Bean and Tim 

Teens and coffee beans - shake, rattle and roll
Getting creative is good for the soul

Reading and writing, we choose what to do
Apple fritters come out and we shout “Woo hoo!”

Music is playing, people talking loud
We fall into silence and all gather round

Branches and lights - on the ceiling
Chill, cool, and peaceful are the feeling

Dragon, tree, angel fish
A heart to start to make a wish

Twinkies are yellow
TPH teens are smooth and mellow

As we sit at the Bean
We begin to dream of things unseen

From the darkest corner of my heart
The memories seem to fall apart.

My mind is blank, no thought at all
I need to write before my head hits the wall!

Move your pencil with your imagination
Draw a picture of your creation

Watch it bloom into a marvelous sight
Put your deepest feelings into the spotlight

A brilliant vision, a great idea
Our minds sprout - like a chia

I’m on a roll, out of control
Someone stop me before I blow!

Statue plunder for my sake
Sleep tonight’s a formidable mistake

Poetry shows our innermost thoughts
Things in the past we have fought

Many ideas our minds bring full
Gives us a thought so colorful

The warriors of light must walk their path
To vanquish the foes of sin and wrath

The dark and stormy blade draws nigh
It bursts through the cloud and into the sky

TPH caffeine, creativity and fun
Love when it starts, hate when it’s done

TPH @ The Bean Teens
September 14, 2010

YAYA had its first meeting as well on September 7. It looks like we will have a great group there! Our first read is Comfort, the sequel to BLUE by Joyce Hostetter.

We are very excited as the Alexander Friends of the Library will be hosting an author's reception for Mrs. Hostetter on Sunday, October 24 at 3 pm at Reformation Lutheran Church. It will be free to the public. Many of the students in the county have been reading BLUE and I hope to have great discussion that day from everyone!

Remember, YAYA meetings are on the first Tuesdays of the month at 3:30 pm. TPH meetings are on the second Tuesdays at 3:30 pm. Hope to see you at one or both!!


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