Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Haikus at TPH

Hi All!

I love when our TPH teens get creative and they were awesome for Halloween haikus at the October meeting on the 12th! Hate I missed it! At least we can see the result of an obviously freaky good time.

Halloween Haikus

Ev’ry October
On a dark and scary night
Children come to play

Halloween is here
We play Halloween games too
Our sisters scare us

The wicked witch laughed
At all the children that passed
The kids cried in fear

Stairs creek and rattle
All around the house I see
Ghosts flying around

Creepy scary things
Deep in the darkness of night
I cower in fear

Mirror looking back
A reflection you show me
My ghostly image

Really, really weird
That mask is very scarrry
Hope it goes away

Roses are red
Gummy bears want to eat you
Violets are blue

What’s deadly and cute?
The lazer kitten, of course.
Ends you with its lazer beams!

The haunted fridge ate -
Ate everything in sight
Rff rff num num num

Zombies awaken
They slaughter, eat, and kill us
So don’t scream and hide

Spirits roaming earth
Ready to eat human flesh
Don’t look behind you!

Gory massacre
With a chainsaw in my hands
I’ll express myself

Translucent, fluid
But not tangible or real
They are illusions

Bloody fulfillment
Warm sense of accomplishment
It’s the only way

Minty round candy
Bloody red filled in my mouth
Off to sleep you go!

By TPH @ The Bean Teens
October 12, 2010

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