Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blackout For Halloween

Ahhhhh. Another fabulous Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean for Tuesday, October 11! We had some folks in the community who came just to listen and they were impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm of the gang.

We had around 35 folks in attendance including our new collaborator and The Spilled Bean owner, Shannon Childers. Shannon said he and his wife, Brandy, are glad we have our creative group coming to the Bean.

Thanks, Shannon and Brandy, for making the smooth transition for our community. To say we were a bit flipped out is an understatement when the announcement was made that the Bean was sold. We will definitely miss Tim and Ciaara, but are glad such a nice family is left in their stead.

Good luck, Tim and Ciaara! We wish you an excellent, new journey! Miss you!

Thanks to those who shared their works with us at TPH. It's great when people bring in their favorite poet's works to read - or the BEST when they have their own works to share. Art too. Don't forget photography has been added to the mix.

The blackout form of poetry created for this month was first introduced to the teens by our beloved local poet, Bud Caywood, last year at TPH. The form, founded in the Bohemian era, takes a printed page and eliminates words to leave behind a poem. I think you will find in the following poems, that it was successful!

"Discover Prime Time"
Go outside and play?
Mountain paths, trails and a
world of beauty
A breath of fresh air
Perfect place
Gaze a star
Remind yourself just how great
"great outdoors" are.
Where is West Virginia?
Wild and wonderful

Break flowers and a bit of forest
Instead gather, buy - scatter them down
Everyday, natural
Go rich
Seated across from one another.

"Drama Queen"
Twenty-something founded a website for parents.
Her latest book is called Do I Get Grounded?

Know there are millions left
These build and form every surface
and lead to disease.

Depression hurts.
You've had one too many days.
You catch a glimpse of yourself
in the mirror.
Suddenly you can no longer...
That's the day you do something -
Therapy, diet, exercise,

"Conjure Up"
Conjure up.
Display boldly.
Here's how
The flattening out.
Scrunch up.
Smaller if desired
Adhere together.
Download and print.
Cut out.

"What Else?"
The music piped the odds.
It's a carefully orchestrated medley
that evokes a time
when life was far simpler.
You feel the magic to open up.

Don't you think these are neat? Gotta love them! It's a great concept to have a page full of words and pare them down to say something you want. Try it!

Our next meeting will be November 8 at 3:30 pm. Hope to see you at The Bean.


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