Wednesday, December 7, 2011

YAYAs Enjoy Dinner and a Movie at the Library for the Holidays

On Tuesday, December 6, 17 YAYAs converged at the library for the annual dinner and a movie celebration for the holiday. The book club watched A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen loosely based on the graphic novel by the same name written by Alan Moore, et al.

Personally, I have never watched a movie sooooooo far removed from the novel. The movie changed the leader, added many characters, and totally changed the plot line. Though the book was not recommended to the YAYAs to read as it is an adult novel, the movie was PG-13 and we could handle that.

So why watch/read it?

The characters are all from famous works of literature. As readers, YAYAs got a kick out of characters such as Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer (neither were in the novel btw), Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and Mina Harker. Her character was from Bram Stoker's Dracula (which YAYAs read several years ago) and showed herself in the film rather dramatically!

My thanks to those YAYAs who braved the yucky weather to come. A special thanks to Taylorsville's Subway for a great deal on our meal. You rock!!

Next week is TPH @ The Bean and we will be doing a neat visualization exercise with art and poetry. Don't let the big word scare you. It will be fun!

Happy Holidays!

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