Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October's Teen Poetry Happens Celebrates with Word Play Costumes

Hi All!

Fall has arrived and teens from Teen Poetry Happens were getting in the spirit of the season.  The group decided to dress up in Word Play costumes for the meeting.  It was a lot of fun trying to figure out who was what.  

See if you can figure out what these folks were.

                           In his hands is molding clay.

 You cannot see the "B" on the front of her dress.  Think of a song that's REALLY popular right now.

We had an awesome artistic contribution to the meeting with Morgan's eerie pumpkin!

"Costume TPH" by Kira Call

Laughter fills the air, the scent of coffee and cinnamon wafts to my nose.  Teens in costumes mill about, mingling together. They seem to blend, to go together somehow, despite the fact the costumes are as different as day and night.

A girl dressed as a cookie bounces rambunctiously from person to person.  Others group together, posing for pictures. Cameras flash.  

I feel a deep sense of embarrassment mingled with excitement as my story is read by two English teachers. What will they think?  Will they like it?  Or will they avoid me?

Even here, I feel like a loner, like I don't belong.  But as they finish reading, they compliment me and I feel a sense of relief.  All my worries, fear and anxiety melt away.  I realize that I do belong here and I will never truly be alone.

Finally, everyone got to take shots with the collection of cameras available.  Here are many of the photos from their venture.

          Yes, these are APPLE BITES!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the                     lovely shot, Ms. Duncan!  And for making us hungry~

It was a great time!  The next meeting is November 12 and we hope it will be an extra special one. Details later, peeps!

Don't forget the Hunger Games: Catching Fire party on Friday night, November 15.  YAYAs have been busy making plans for all the fun.  The festivities will begin at 5 pm and go until 11 pm.  

Ciao for now!

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