Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friends of the Library Make YAYA Holidays (and the Library's!) Bright!

Happy Holidays, Folks!

Alexander County Library's YAYAs (the young adult book club) were treated to an awesome night of book shopping and dining in Hickory on December 3, 2013.  Alexander Friends of the Library made it possible for the teens to purchase $500 worth of young adult books for the library which the book clubbers were excited to select. After shopping, the teens dined at Olive Garden.

Barnes & Noble, where the teens purchased books, made it special for the visiting book club.  They created a neat scavenger hunt with questions about popular YA novels, the bookseller itself, and Starbucks coffees. YAYAs had a blast collaborating and seeking answers to clues.  At times, I thought I was watching Survivor or something!

Cheyenne was the scavenger hunt victor, but everyone was a winner with a free coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.  Alexander County Library, Alexander Friends of the Library, YAYAs, and I thank the bookseller Barnes & Noble profusely for a wonderful time - and awesome books!
The evening did not end there.  YAYAs headed for The Olive Garden, which accommodated our gang with a great meal and excellent service.  The restaurant loved the idea of a teen book club dining with them and capped our evening off with flair.  We would also like to thank The Olive Garden for our wonderful dining event!
Every book purchased that evening has a commemorative book plate inside to mark the generosity of our wonderful Friends. YAYAs thank them for a wonderful holiday experience!  

 Special thanks to Alicia Addington (4th from the left) who helped me make sure things went smoothly on our excursion!

May your holidays jingle brightly!  (My next post will be about our awesome TPH meeting and that will ring true!)



  1. Such a cool event. Your library does have the BEST friends!

    1. We are sooooooooo blessed at Alexander County Library with our Friends! I agree, Joyce! :)