Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ekphrastic Poetry at The Hiddenite Center for Teen Poetry Happens

A failed attempt to hike Rocky Face Mountain due to iffy weather turned to another great outing for the TPH teens. We visited the Lucas Mansion of The Hiddenite Center to check out the youth works on display from the Local Artist Competition.  The awards reception was on Sunday, March 8, and our talented teens took inspiration from works to create art and poetry of their own. 

Will Teeters was inspired by two pieces melded into one.


 "Kollwitz Replica" by Alexis Anthony                                       "Drawing Rose" by Tessla Patterson

“Grandmother” by Will Teeters

Days go longer,
flower grows weak,
petals fall.
Fear of dying,
but not to die. Each year
she comes back stronger
beautiful as ever,
yet weakens at last.
In the end, she is
never seen again. 
Gone, but ever beautiful
as a flower to me.

"Inspiring Eyes" by Janah Bucknum

“Nothing” by Jeremiah Webb

I can't come up with anything
no matter what I see. 
The pics, art, beauty of everything –
I cannot seem to find a piece,
to give my mind peace.  O’ Muse,
how you torture me,
not letting me see 
what you possess in your hands.  
For now, I will sit patiently 
while you hold your inspiration 
over my head.

      Julia Webb displays her upside down portrait inspired by TPHer, Cheyenne!

Hayley Bucknum was inspired by this piece, "Mouth" by Alyssa Maynard.

“Beautiful Stranger” by Hayley Bucknum

She’s the most beautiful
creature I’ve seen…

Eyes that sparkle, a heart
that glows, but nothing compares
to that tongue of hers.

Flowing like the ocean, her sighs
like crashing waves.

But her voice, oh that perfect
voice, shines as brightly
as the moon. Sends a silent hush
across the world.

How precious, how soft, those lips
capture it all...

Sarah Johnson is ever inspired to create as she works on a self portrait.  I thought this was a neat shot because that is her window painting in the background over her shoulder.  She matches it! 

TPHer Cheyenne Chumley's "Hand Off" was inspired by the piece, "Friendship" by April Shuford, below...
...which won an honorable mention.

Sarah received an honorable mention for her whimsical frog! Congratulations! (Will he turn into a prince?)

Many thanks to The Hiddenite Center for hosting us!

One final note - The Alexander Muse will debut on April 21 with readings beginning at 4 pm.  The reception will be at Reformation Lutheran Church's Fellowship Hall at 443 West Main Avenue in Taylorsville.  Alexander Friends of the Library are sponsoring the reception which will go from 3:30 - 5 pm.  Admission is free, so come by and support the talented teens of Alexander County!


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