Thursday, October 22, 2015

Teen Poetry Happens Has Creative October Meeting

Super creative Teen Poetry Happens teens gathered on Tuesday, October 13 in "play on words" costumes for another round of artistry and wordplay. I have been putting them out on Facebook for folks to guess. See if you know what the costumes are as you scroll down through the poetry, art, and photos.

Everyone is excited to return to the Lucas Mansion at the Hiddenite Arts and Heritage Center on November 10.  They will craft a new poem from imagery collected at the Hiddenite Festival of the Arts on September 26.  Interested high school teens need to contact me at the library if they need a ride.

Enjoy trying to decipher the costumes!  You can leave comments below if you like.

“Missing You Is Easy, Letting Go Is Hard” 
by Hunter Addington

Now your ashes, nightmares
still haunt me.
Tell me
Tell me
what you want to hear.
Tell me and I’ll make it disappear.
Tell me your nightmares,
welcome me into your head.
I’ll show you dreams,
a different life.

“leaves” by Cheyenne Chumley

crisp leaves burning
smoke billowing through the air
into my lungs
the scent reminds me of you
crisp leaves crackling
under my feet
comforting to my ears
red, yellow, orange,
harsh against blue sky
October rainbow
greets my eyes
again, I am reminded of you
although I can’t pinpoint why
but I guess the thought of you
is reason enough

“Marvelous” by Riley Addington

Interesting conversation
with dust bunnies, holy
avocadoes, French kiss
hard at work, sails are merging.
At first you fear the worst
then beauty comes out,
makes the most amazing thing.
Poetry is a mirror to life, reflects
pain, joy, pride, sorrow, and envy.
If really mad, take the mirror,
smash it to smithereens.
Choice is yours if you want to show
the world what is in the mirror
or if you want to hide it.

Rock on!

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