Friday, February 17, 2017

Teen Poetry Happens Celebrates Valentine's Day With "Leftover Love"

Teen Poetry Happens met on the official day of love and the TPH teens were good sports! I gave them leftover sugar cookies and decorations from the Storytime Valentine's program I had earlier in the day.  The students were game to decorate, eat, and write. How perfect!

Our exercise asked the students to write a piece called "Leftover Love." Then we extricated favorite phrases from individual poems to create a collaborative one.  Here is the final result:

"Leftover Love" by Teen Poetry Happens - Feb 2017

Leftover love is like
a half-eaten sucker
offered by a toddler.
Even broken old teacups
can be turned into mosaics.
Say yes to love; the reserves
of our emotional exertions
thrown into what defines us.
Love - never-ending pieces
of hope - only ends
in dreams forgotten.
Take these leftovers,
make a love casserole.
For without love -
all forms of love -
where would we be?

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