Monday, May 15, 2017

Alexander County Library's First Poetry After Hours Is Awesome!

Teen Poetry Happens members Hunter Addington, Noah Nowell, and Courtney Gant read the collaborative poem "Ask Me What I Remember" on April 21, 2017 at Alexander County Library.

“Ask Me What I Remember” Crafted by Teen Poetry Happens from written memories on the poetry wall, “Ask Me What I Remember – Images of Perseverance”, March 10, 2017

Friday nights at Mamaw’s house
Grandma playing piano by ear
My mama singing, snow at Christmas
Telling stories about childhood

Grass and caterpillars in my baseball glove
Playing in the spring,
Sliding at the shoals,
Climbing Rocky Face Mountain

I remember when I was scared
Ice had ripped my skin while sledding
Screaming “I’m dying, I’m dying!”

AM radio
Choke knobs on the dash
Crazy midnight adventures
All by a redhead’s side

Scared drivers,
Afraid of possibly sick children,
Provoked to drive quickly away
At their approach.

Roasting marshmallows
When it was chilly
Before computers took
Over our lives

My brother was born,
My sister was born
And we just keep on living
Hope to build a better tomorrow

Thanks to all who came and shared their poetic works! 

The next Art After Hours reception featuring works by Ethan Swanson is Friday, May 19 at Alexander County Library.  Come by between 6 - 7:30 pm and be inspired to write something about his whimsical art pieces!  The next Poetry After Hours will be in June.

Hope to see you soon at Alexander County Library!


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