Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean A Success!

Hi Again,

Had a great turnout for the first Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean event yesterday. Thank you teens for coming and hanging with us. It was a lot of fun and very creative.

Our next TPH event will be on Tuesday, October 27 at The Spilled Bean @ 3:30 pm. Come on out and join us! It is open for any high school students including ACHS, private school or home school students.

Working in teams and individually yesterday, we came up with this great poem about bean' a teen. Check it out!


BeAn' A Teen

I love BeAn’ A Teen
Taking the world by storm.
Finding amazing creations
In the words that I form.

It is fortuitous
That you are here with us,
Making poems into jewels.

Let’s be spontaneous !

We are not seen for who we are;
For who we are
As we live on the scene
Cannot be challenged too far.

Spinning lost images
From nothing at all
Conjuring up sentences
Breathing life into them all.

But I look back “thru” the glass
To the days of high school fun,
Not noticing days as they pass
Stress quickens as they run.

It starts off rocky
With blushed cheeks and darting eyes.
But awkwardness is not forever
Hesitation fades, the limit is the sky

It is abundant here at this poem night
Fueled by desserts and coffee caffeine
Words rush to me in bouts of inspiration
As I enjoy sinful sweets at the Bean.

Writing lines, creating prose,
Bearing my soul with pen;
Black and white, pages turn
But stories never end.

Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean
TEENS - Sept. 21, 2009

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