Monday, September 28, 2009

Responsible Social Networking

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. The weather is finally clearing out a bit. It was a bit dank there for a week or so!

I got some great footage from Dancing In The Streets yesterday - speaking of bad weather. It was supposed to have been on September 18, but wet weather messed that date up. I believe there will be some hilarious footage of a town manager and a clerk of court going into the drink in the dunking booth. Next year's summer reading theme is Make A Splash @ Your Library. They will look smashing (or should I say drenching?) in my summer reading video next year!

A very disturbing issue has come to my attention and thought I would pass on the link to it. Seems a group of four teens decided to create a fake FaceBook profile on a fellow teenager. They made him out to be something he was not. Cyber bullying is alive and well, folks. Make sure you don't get involved in it! Might cost these dudes a bit of money.

Have a great week!


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  1. Thanks for all you do for these teens. Poetry night at the Bean is a great thing. And so is the YAYA group.

    Sonya Fagan