Thursday, September 3, 2009

The School Year Has Begun

Whoa! Is the summer over? Yep. It is September 3 - school is in, summer reading is over, and my calendar is loading up with activities.

YAYA is coming back on Tuesday, September 8 with our first meeting of the year. It will be here at the library at 3:30 pm. Should only last an hour or so. YAYAs need to be armed with a list of their favorite books to offer up for reading this year.

A new gig I will be doing with Alexander Central HS teacher, Beth Duncan, is a poetry event once every 6 weeks or so. We are calling it "Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean". TPH will be open to all high school teens whether they are at ACHS, other area schools, private school, or home schooled. The first event will be held at The Spilled Bean at 3:30 pm on Monday, September 21.

We had a wonderful poetry night with the teens for the summer reading program. Read the hilarious poem we collectively came up with - " 'Twas Teen Poetry Night At The Bean".

’Twas Teen Poetry Night At the Bean

‘Twas Teen Poetry Night at the Bean
And all through the coffeehouse
All the teenagers were stirring
Coffees, lattes, and their mouths.

As I approached the Bean
I checked for parking spaces
But little did I know
I chose a spot for slower paces.

It was rainy and humid
And the thunder did roll
As we all sat and waited
To fulfill our poetic soul.

The coffee was brewing.
The ice was crunching.
Everyone was talking
While we were drinking and munching.

A room full of strangers
Whose faces I didn’t know.
I hope to know them
Before I have to go.

Two certain people
So hyper and full.
All the words from their mouths
Was a bunch of bull!

A quatrain we make
And a quatrain we’ve made
Eat too much cheese
And have bunghole blockade.

Drinking coffee
People all around
After tonight – myself
I will have found.
- By the Be Creative Teens of SRP ‘09

Be sure to check back often for tasty reading tidbits and library news! Now that the summer is past (and, therefore, summer reading!), I can be more attentive to my blog.


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