Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dawn of Summer Reading

My goodness, I have taken quite a while to blog again. Sorry about that. Summer reading is upon me and I am running on all 8 cylinders! Are there any 10 cylinder cars?

It has been a wonderful spring! I love catching all the dance recitals, band concerts, choral concerts, musicals and plays that the end of the school year brings. We have a wealth of talent in our area. Congratulations to all who got up on their stages!

One stage that I absolutely loved was BLUE with C.A.S.T. in Hickory. Alexander County's very own Janie Pennell played one of the polio patients and did a superb job! I truly hope Lamar Mitchell and Guy Guarino's adaptation of Joyce Hostetter's award winning novel will be shared with the schools in our area. It is an important story about the Catawba Valley's past.

And on that note - the stage is set for summer reading and I have many who have already signed up. We are signing up until June 19 and kicking it off on June 21 with reading.

Hope everyone has a chance to catch the summer reading video that was sent to all the middle and elementary schools. I want to thank dwaine coley, Ethan Price, Joey Webb and sweet Carol Bebber-Crowgey for assisting me in getting it made.

See you @ the library! - Mel

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