Sunday, March 21, 2010

TPH Honored with Poet Bud Caywood Visit

Hi Everyone!

Our final regular TPH @ The Bean meeting on Tuesday, March 16 was awesome as Bethlehem artist/poet Bud Caywood joined us. He read some moving poetry from his Like Paper Dolls collection.
His works many times end in a crescendo that leaves you speechless. The poems he read to us did just that!
He also demonstrated a neat way to conquer writer's block. I'll be sure to use it and will be glad to show you, too. Just stop by or write and ask! We truly appreciate Mr. Caywood taking the time to visit with us.
Again, be sure to put April 20 on your calendar to be at The Spilled Bean for the finale of TPH and the unveiling of the first issue of The Alexander Muse!

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