Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn/Winter Comes Knockin' at TPH

The Long Storm
By Josh Simon

In the beginning of winter
With the air no longer warm
A lonely black bird perched in a single tree
Preparing to weather the coming storm

The snow blew furiously
Expanding across the open field
Like a monster devouring the landscape
With no sign it would yield

But once the wind subsided
The bird left its perch in flight
The once brown and gray land
Now covered in sparkling crystal white.

Hi All!

Isn't Josh Simon's poem and drawing great? He was one of approximately 40 people drawing, waxing poetic, or both yesterday at TPH @ The Bean. Our project this month combined art and poetry in a poetic form known as ekphrastic poetry. The theme was autumn and/or winter. Connor St. Clair and Caleb Queen did neat drawings combining both fall and winter. See if you get it.

Many did not get finished, but I'll be glad to add them on if you can get them to me.

Following is a sampling of some of the submissions. If the ink was too light, the scanner wouldn't pick it up. Bear down on there, artists!

Next TPH will be Tuesday, December 14 at 3:30. We will have former TPH graduate, Joey Webb, work with us on song lyrics. Be sure to bring your axe (guitar), trumpet, flute, keyboard -whatever you've got - to create a song.

Ciao for now!


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