Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BLUE Play and YAYA Opinion

Hi All!

There were a great number of folks who came to the Alexander Central Auditorium on Thursday, October 28 for two performances of the dramatic production of "BLUE" - including our special guest, author of BLUE Joyce Hostetter! The Alexander County Library and I wish to thank the CAST children's theatre of the Catawba Valley for the wonderful performances. And thanks goes to dwaine coley and the Alexander County Schools for partnering with the library to make this event happen!

Thanks to all the Friends of the Library for bringing Mrs. Hostetter to the county. I especially thank Friends Kathy Riddle, Hazel Yoder, and Glenn Mays who introduced so many students to the book, BLUE, through outreach in the classrooms. This was truly a communitywide effort to bring to light a wonderful historical piece of fiction about our area.

YAYAs were in the audience and enjoyed the play. At our meeting last night, YAYAs said the sequel to BLUE - which is Comfort - was great, but they feel there needs to be a third novel. One YAYA (among others) thinks LOVE would be an excellent title. Maybe Mrs. Hostetter will consider that (PLEEEEAAASE, Joyce!!!)

Hope you have a wonderful day! Read on, read on!


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  1. Well, at least we have the title worked out now. If only I could think of a story line!

    Still thinking about that, YAYAs! I LOVE your enthusiasm!