Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TPH Welcomes Local Artist/Poet Bud Caywood

A great group of approximately 40 folks joined TPH @ The Bean on Tuesday, February 8 at, of course, The Spilled Bean! We welcomed a local favorite - Bud Caywood - to the meeting where he worked with the teens on Blackout Poetry.

It's a really neat form of poetry rooted in the Bohemian era. You take a printed page from a magazine and use only the words desired. You black out the rest of the words.

Here was my "creation"

One Voice
Bitten. Drawn to the company of music.
Charm and sense dovetail
On the gentle curve of a warped plan.

Someone else wrote:

Institution focused on all aspects
From politics to diverse cultures
Experience the permanent home of art
An exhibition that brings together
both private and public


World so mysterious
Full of meaning very romantic
Embraces the surroundings
Passion for romance and spirit
Guide unique sense of style
In life and work.
Help you into your surroundings
Strive in design
Combine thinking of rich colors, textures,
Uncompromising quality


Color speaks a universal language
Harmoniously saturated
Elegantly possesses it
Hues, tools

This is an excellent technique for those who have a hard time adding words to a blank page. Blackout poetry works in reverse and gives you the words from which to select.

Mr. Caywood will be one of our artists judging the Alexander Muse art contest. Remember, the last day to submit poetry, prose or art works is March 1! Enter, enter, enter as many items as you want!

Have a great day!

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