Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Sparks Intense Conversation

The YAYAs were exuberant in their discussion of The Hunger Games, the wildly popular first novel in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The novel was selected by the young adult book club to review due to the upcoming Hunger Games Party in March that is sponsored by McDonald's of Taylorsville. The YAYAS will host the party here at the Alexander County Library in honor of the movie coming out in theaters March 23.

There will be more details forthcoming on the party. It will be open to all Alexander County teens (7th -12th grades). You can also visit the party blog at

Of the ten YAYAs in attendance, all were enamored of the novel set in a future apocalyptic world - a world where teens are selected in separate districts to come together and fight to the death. After that, the opinions differed. Favorite character, favorite scenes - and whose team they were on for Katniss's potential love (Peeta or Gale?-hmmmmmmmmm) varied greatly.

Take a look at their discussion by pasting this link in your browser -

This novel has also elicited thumbs up on my Facebook from all ages of patrons. It is highly recommended that you should read it, too! Be aware there is violence (fight to the death, right?) and that is why it is a young adult novel rather than juvenile.

Keep checking back here and at the party blog for details on the March 9, 2012 party. "May the odds be ever in your favor!"


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