Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teen Programs Are Off and Running in New School Year

Two of my awesome teen groups have met this month. YAYA, the young adult book club, got together on September 4 and Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean on September 11.

For YAYA, we decided to move the monthly meeting time to 5:30 pm as many of these read-o-philes belong to other clubs. Don’t know why they can’t be in two places at once. (Yeah, right…)  They will continue to meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

The YAYAs decided the reading list for the entire year and I have posted the upcoming reads in the sidebar for YAYA. I will let YAYAs know on the YAYA Facebook page when books on the list come back to the library. Check them out and keep them moving!

We have remote YAYAs who cannot make meetings. This is due to the fact they are Challenger students, or work, or are in school far away. But even you can be a YAYA, if you would like to read what they read and comment. Email me or comment on the blog.

Teen Poetry Happens @ The Bean had their meeting, of course, at The Spilled Bean. It was the last meeting in the present Spilled Bean location. Next month the Bean will be in its new digs next to Modern Cleaners in downtown Taylorsville. Can’t wait to see it as the photos on Facebook look like it’s shaping up beautifully.

TPH had 32 teenagers from Alexander County to participate. As per usual with that crowd, we had A LOT of fun! Check out the video.

We built our TPH poem for the next edition of The Alexander Muse. Can you believe it is our 4th year for TPH and The Muse? Wow!!

"Imma Teen At The Bean"

Imma teen, Imma teen, Imma, imma, imma teen

Imma teen, Imma teen, Imma teen at the Bean!

Imma be at the Bean
Chillin’ with all the teens.
Eatin’ those apple bites
In pants that look way too tight.
Drinking coffee, freshly ground,
Listen to that great Bean sound.

School feels like a prison
Can’t make our own decisions.
We could be window dreaming
Us teens are always scheming.
The Bean is so cool,
Better than school.
Making copies, then get


Imma be at the Bean
Being fly like a Charlie Sheen.
Fighting off demons -
Ya’ mon!
You never know when
The fun is going to end.
In the middle of the scene
‘Cause we’re fly up in this Bean.

Imma be at the Bean
Feelin’ so fresh and clean
When I step up on the scene.
Better to be late, than to be ate
By a giant spider drinking apple cider.
Enjoying life, being a teen
Celebrating at the Bean.

I’m a teen at the Bean
With my friends free stylin’.
I’m gonna float your boat
Like an espresso
‘Cause I’m at the Bean.


I announced this week at a couple of my programs that we will have an all girls Twilight slumber party on Friday night, November 9. And I mean girls who are 7th grade and up. If you’re 30 and LOOOOOVE Twilight, this party is for you.

We will watch all 4 Twilight movies, play games, and fight over who’s hotter – Edward or Jacob.

Remember, (like I have to tell Twihards!) the final movie, Breaking Dawn, Part II, comes out November 16! This party is in celebration of the series and we can only have so many ladies. Be sure to reserve your spot!

So, lots going on with teen programming at the library!  Whew and OH WHAT FUN!!!!

Join us. :)

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