Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When YAYAs Play…

We had an awesome meeting with the YAYAs Tuesday, October 2, 2012. Since we have to let everyone read the first novel to be able to discuss it, we played games for the second meeting of the year. 13 teens joined me for the evening.

As are the YAYA favorites, we played Apples to Apples until the library closed, then brought out the Balderdash! Talk about side-splitting hilarity! It is a wonderful game where players create phony definitions for others to guess which is the correct one. Some people were deadly in their seriousness and others were full-on comical.

Examples from our Balderdash fun…

yizer – When you “urinate” without knowing. “substitutions made” :)


titbow – The vows that are uttered at a wedding while tittering. OR When your toes are melted together.

yeevil – A fork for pitching dung. (true) OR To perform an act so evil that you begin to squeal like a fan girl! OR It is when a cowboy rides away in the evening sun screaming ‘evil.’

farci – “Flatulence” that helps you see into an alternate dimension. “See note above."  OR Somewhere you go to see the world’s biggest monkey.

proboscis – When you get abducted by aliens and they probe your pet dog while you are gone.

fritinancy – When Nancy is on the fritz after an accidental exposure to bath salts causing her to go on a cannibalistic rampage in New York City on a Saturday morning at 3:29 pm. Huh?!!

Our first novel will be a piece of historical fiction by Harry Mazer called A Boy At War, A Novel of Pearl Harbor. We will discuss it at the November 6 meeting. If you would like to read along, please do. Feel free to comment below!

Next up is TPH at The Bean on Tuesday, October 9 at 3:30 pm. The Spilled Bean is in its new space and I hear it is lovely. Hope to see lots of teens next week!

Rock on!


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