Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teen Poetry Happens at The Bean Gives Us The Creeps!

Not really!  But these poems written by the teens at our October meeting sure did give us the willies.  Ms. Duncan came up with the idea to take everyday objects at The Bean and make them scary with words.  I think you might find the following works quite eerie.  Many of the teens took photographs of the "scary" objects to support their poems.
Thanks, everyone, for your awesome work!

“The Bloody Bean”                               Photo by Seth Grant

This Halloween was the worst that our small town of Taylorsville ever had seen,

For something happened to our beloved Spilled Bean.

Someone had done a terrible thing, a terrible thing to the coffee machine.

It wouldn’t make coffee. It would only bleed.

As blood gushed from the coffee machine, everything changed around The Spilled Bean.

The living became dead and the dead became living.

For those who had drunk from the blood of the coffee machine.

                                                               - Hunter Bryant and Seth Grant

“Our Moon” - based on the light of the local prison

We have a moon no one else can copy.

No matter how gloomy it gets at night, it always shines.

Only bad things go in and good comes out if worthy.

Crimes have no mercy here.

They haunt the people with this moon.

No matter the brightest or darkest hour,

This moon never yields to shine.

We have two moons in our little town.

Listen here, Listen there.

To our groans and growls.

                                             - Davina Smith 

“Window Pane” - Photo and Poem by Hayley Bucknum

I see the window pane upon the wall waiting there for all.

It may seem normal, but it’s not.

The poor souls who gaze upon it are met with a dreadful fright.

Everyone who dared look upon it showed their faces and true selves of others.

Should they show their true self?

Or keep it hidden from the world?

“Oh My Gosh!”        Photo by Jessica Ferretiz

She smirked at me as she did it.

“Oh my gosh!”

Slowly walking and gliding across the table.

“Oh my gosh!”

Me freaking out!

“Oh my gosh!”


“Oh my gosh!”

She still smirks.

“Oh my gosh!”

Oh, I fell off!

“Oh my gosh!”

                    - Caleb Queen and Jessica Ferretiz

                              Photo by Jeremiah Webb and Grace Williams
“Tree of Life”

I stand in the midst of the tree of life

Looking into my past.

What I’ve said, what I’ve done

I feel like I’m never forgiven.

But you whisper to me through the desert.

No matter what happens to me,

I’m never alone.

I need to turn off the lights of yesterday

And embrace the future,

Because if I was never able to embrace it,

Why am I still here?

                                  - Miah Webb

                                 Photo by Grace Williams

“The Undead”

The deserted rise when I call them to war.

Their spirits rise from the sand like a hand from the grave.

I call them to aid, but have no answer.

I yell for them, but they moan like lost dogs there.

Closer now, closer than ever, they’ve come for me.

I stand ready for my fate, my future, and all I will become.

They drool for my blood as they come with the night.

I am taken, lost in an ever-raging sea of the undead.

- Jeremiah Webb
                                           Photo by Emily Morris
“Halloween Bean”

Have you ever been to The Bean on a Halloween night?

When it twists and turns, it’ll fill you with fright.

Snatching the citizens, taking them in,

Peeling off every last limb and piece of their skin.

The animals inside will shred your intestines

While ghostly ghouls fill you with possession.                                                 Photo by Emily Morris

Witches and warlocks make poisonous coffee,

Trolls and mermaids make bloody toffee.

Zombies run in from their graves.

Come inside – if you’re brave.

Just look inside, you’ll find the tongue,

It’s the rug that will pull out your lung.

Once you step in, there’s no way out.                     

You’ll be dead without a doubt.

                              - Brianna Samples and Emily Morris

                                                  Mwaaahahhahahhaaaahhh! Killer Toilet!

"Look Into The Water"

As we casually sipped our coffee,
we did not anticipate what was going to happen next.
Suddenly, there was a hissing noise
coming from the pipes above.

Everybody in the room
hit the floor,
With watery eyes,
crying out in pain.

We are struggling to reach the bathroom,
scared and confused.
After what seemed like forever,
we piled into the small room.

We noticed the toilet-water had an eerie glow,
just begging us to take a look.
We thought we heard blood-curtling screams
coming from somewhere far away.

One of us decided to look into the water.
All of a sudden,
he was pulled in
by what looked like a hand.

    - Christian Addington, Cheyenne Chumley,
                          Summer Chumley, and Jared Webb


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