Wednesday, March 6, 2013

D.F.T.B.A. YAYAs Give 'An Abundance of Katherines' Thumbs Up

YAYAs love author John Green - especially since many of them got to meet him in the fall of 2011.  We road tripped to Asheville for the privilege.  Check out the video made from that adventure down below.

His book, Paper Towns, was on the YAYA reading list last year and was well received by the teens.  This year, the YAYAs selected Green's An Abundance of Katherines to read and discuss.  Again, this amazing author did not disappoint! 

Hilarious and engaging, the teens said they learned many things from the novel.  Things like what a sitzpinkler is, why shower curtains attack you in the tub, and math functions.  There is even an equation to see if you're a "dumper" or a "dumpee" in Katherines.

YAYA Caleb said he still loved Looking for Alaska best, which was John Green's Michael L. Printz Award winning debut novel.  Guess what we'll be reading next year?

Oh, and if you don't know what D.F.T.B.A. is, John Green has even gotten President Obama to say it. "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!"  You only get one life.  Be it!


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