Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Final Teen Poetry Happens for Year Procures Fun and Awesome Words

The final Teen Poetry Happens of the 2012/2013 school year finished with the luck of the Irish and The Harlem Shake! In poetry and art, the teens expressed themselves with verve.

"Shamrocks" by Jeremiah Webb

Shamrocks are like apple bites
They stand out like a clown on Wall Street
(well, not really)
But shamrocks remind me of happy things,
apple bites remind me I'm still hungry (num-num-numz).
Shamrocks are beautiful, while apple bites are edible.
Shamrocks are lucky, while apple bites get a place
in your stomach for a short time. 
If the Irish had apple bites and we had shamrocks,
I would cry myself to sleep every night with joy.
Apple Bites!

"Magic" by Grace Williams

She's standing upon the grassy knoll
her cares are in the wind,
and as the pipes begin to play
she sees the light again
across the green horizons
and into the highland mist.
She's walking with her love,
her hand softly held in his,
rainbows filled with wonder
and questions filled with hope
as the magic wraps them in it's arms
on the mountain's misty slope.

"Where Statements Are Made" by Davina Smith

It isn't very stable or sturdy,
and behind, it looks kind of nerdy.
It stands about 5 feet off the ground, 
holding high the pounds of material
used to make it. 
Reliable and findable, it isn't phased
by the pressure around it. 
It carries itself high,
not torn from the state it is in now.
The green paint hasn't chipped or severed.
I think it's kind of clever.
An object which can make an amazing role model,
a podium - so many famous things happen behind these. 
Speeches like "I have a dream..." 
No one notices it,
though many may smile at my admiration.

Be sure to click here to watch our rendition of the Harlem Shake TPH Style!  We wanted to leave our mark on society!

The Alexander Muse entries were judged on March 21 at Alexander Central High School.  Ms. Duncan, Ms. Isenhour-Stewart, and I will be working to get it together and get it to The Taylorsville Times to be printed for the debut on April 16. 

Our debut party will be held from 3:30 pm  - 5:30 pm on Tuesday, April 16 in the fellowship hall of Taylorsville Presbyterian Church.  It will be exciting to see who placed and hear prose poetry winners performed.

There will be door prizes, delicious refreshments (including apple bites!) provided by the Alexander Friends of the Library, and music from Ghost Named Gertrude, Peter Ippolito, Jared Webb, and Thomas Taylor.  There is no admission fee.  Just come on out and join us!

Until then,

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