Friday, March 14, 2014

TPH Visits Lucas Mansion & Youth Art Exhibit For Final Meeting

Teen Poetry Happens got ekphrastic for their final meeting of the 2013-14 school year at the Lucas Mansion of the Hiddenite Center.  A few of our artists had pieces on display from the Youth Art Competition which was held on March 2. This made the trip even more special for our teens.

Ekphrastic poetry is based on an artwork - pottery, photography, or painting.  The teens viewed all the items in the gallery and chose one - or several -on which to base their poem.  Some of our teen artists decided to use the artistic inspiration to create their own drawings.  

Miranda Burgin from the Hiddenite Center, arranged the afternoon visit for TPH.  We thank Ms. Burgin and the center's staff very much for having us.

Here are some of the works created from our visit.

"Spinning" by Jessica Ferretiz

Everything's spinning ,
but we are together.
We each have issues,
waddling along.
I watch with one eye
and you laugh with a gesture.
It spins and explores,
longing so softly.
With arched backs,
carousel singing,
we dance in the night
and sit here thinking.

Senior, Jessica Ferretiz, had this adorable strawberry in the Youth Art Competition.

Jeremiah Webb's poem was based on many of the works in the gallery. The artistic titles are in quotes. This is also in the spoken word video below.

"So Many Walls, So Many Ways" by Jeremiah Webb

Hidden doors all around, so many "Issues."  Where's "McCartney" when you need him? Life feels like a "Tiger and a Dragon" are fighting inside my head.  I need a "Hidden Angel" to set me free. I'm not asking for "Puppy Love" or to "Be Unique".  Just simply "Heart Friends" to show the way.

Sarah Johnson's portrait of Sir Paul McCartney inspired my poem

"Dichotomy" by Mel Hager

Across room in black and white,
Paul calls to me.
Beatle who broke hearts,
mend my broken wings.

Senior Morgan Waterbury had this sweet kitty in the competition.  She was also inspired to draw a tree which was based on this sculpture.

"Freed" by Hayley Bucknum 
(check out her spoken word on down)

I haven't freed my spirit,
not danced before the dawn.
I leap into the air,
open my heart to the world,
set my spirit free,
dance with the life around.

"Where There Is Hope" by Kira Call
Staring upward into the depth of a deep and starry night, her eyes glaze as she dreams of what is yet to come, of past, present, and future.  In the blackness of the sky, filled with pinpricks of light, she realizes that all is not lost, not all is hopeless. And somewhere, deep within her heart, she feels hope swell. She knows deep inside her that where there is hope, there is a future. 
Art by Sarah Johnson
It comes in all shapes and sizes,
it's the forbidden kind that gets me.
Not accepted by society,
the love I find beautiful.

Love Janah Bucknum's "Drawing A Blank"!

Our adoration for humanity
pulls our cosmos together,
bonds spirits, never ending -
a love greater than all.

Cheyenne Chumley was inspired 
by this drawing in the background.

Check out some of our recorded spoken word poetry.

Many thanks to our teens for a wonderful year of creativity and to the Hiddenite Center for providing a wonderful space to finish up our meetings! 

Be sure to join us for the debut of the 2014 Alexander Muse on April 15 at Reformation Lutheran Church's fellowship hall from 3:30 - 5:30 pm.  Door prizes, music, and a walk through this special 5th anniversary edition which will be in full color!  Thanks again to Carris Reels of Statesville for the community grant which makes this happen.

Finally, we are in the last week before The Hunger Games Teen Lock-In here at Alexander County Library.  Be sure to call me to reserve your spot and get a permission form. Cannot wait!


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