Thursday, April 17, 2014

Banner Year for 5th Anniversary of The Alexander Muse!

The 5h anniversary edition of The Alexander Muse teen art and literary magazine debuted on April 15, 2014 with yet another incredible mix of teen works.  This year’s magazine is in full color made possible by a community grant from Carris Reels of Statesville. 

The event was held at Reformation Lutheran Church’s Fellowship Hall in Taylorsville.  Talented teens Allison Hager, Jared Webb, and Peter Ippolito provided musical entertainment.  Refreshments were provided by Alexander Friends of the Library. 

Rowan Sheppard accepts her award for snagging the cover with her artwork, "Marilyn".
1st prize, provided by Wal-Mart of Taylorsville, was a $25 gift card for Wal-Mart.  First place winners by category were:  Art (front cover of the magazine), “Marilyn” by Rowan Sheppard; Photography (back cover), “Oak Island Sunset” by Morgan Waterbury; Prose, “The Cat” by Kira Call; and Poetry, “Finery Lost At Sea – The Tale of Margot and Jim” by Bailey Sherrill.

Morgan Waterbury's "Oak Island Sunset" graces the back cover of this year's edition.
2nd prize, provided by Alexander Friends of the Library, was $15 cash. Second place winners by category were:  Art, “Doctor Who” by Gage Hefner;  Photography, “Jelly In The Sky” by Jessica Ferretiz; Prose, “The Noise” by Christian Addington; and Poetry, “Prayer For The Wandering Soul” by Wendy Kerley.

3rd prize, provided by Village Inn of Taylorsville, was a free buffet and drink at Village Inn.  Third place winners by category were: Art, “September 11th” by Monica Moore; Photography, “Oven Bird” by Miranda Richmond; Prose, “What Do You Want To Do?” by Kim Henning; and Poetry, “Ode to Mis Mejores Amigas” by Alexa Watts.

London Mooneyham is our first trifecta!   She has an artwork, photo, and prose piece in the 2014 edition.

Honorable Mentions were named per category:  Art – “Spirited Away” by Taylor Daugherty, “Woman” by London Mooneyham, ”Metropolis” by Heather Roberts, and “Dreaming” by Mykah Lail; Photography – “Frosty Morn” by London Mooneyham, “My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Sarah Johnson, and “Afternoon Sun” by Kayla Johnson; Prose – “The Crazy Ones” by London Mooneyham; and Poetry – “Beautiful Fake Smile” by Megan Garvin, “Ode To You, Dad” by Taylor Potts, and “Storm of A New Beginning” by Hayley Bucknum.

The Alexander Muse staff includes: Alexander Central High School English teacher, Beth Duncan; ACHS art teacher, Robbin Isenhour Stewart; and me as Alexander County Library's children’s librarian. 

I put on FaceBook that I look up to this man, Dale Clary, in more ways than one.  Not only is he a positive force in our community, he's pretty darn tall!  Dale was instrumental in getting us the community grant from Carris Reels, where he will soon be retiring as General Manager.
The staff thanks all of the students who submitted works.  They also wish to thank Carris Reels for the community grant; Alexander Friends of the Library; Wal-Mart of Taylorsville; Village Inn of Taylorsville; Reformation Lutheran Church; the judges who determined the 2014 collection  – Richard Bruns, Lucille Earp, Leslie Newton, Ann Chandonnet, Patricia Deaton, Molly Rice, Millie Adams, Glenn Mays, Tim Peeler, Tabitha Goforth, Amber Wallace, and Brooke Williams; Bud Caywood for his assistance; Peter Ippolito, Jared Webb, and Allison Hager for music at the debut; Muse assistants – Maura Hertzler and Mykah Lail; The Taylorsville Times; Alexander County Schools; and Alexander County Government.

Copies of the magazine are available for purchase for $5 at Alexander County Library, Bethlehem branch, and the Lucas Mansion of The Hiddenite Center.  Copies can be checked out from the libraries as well.
The Alexander Muse is a collaborative effort of Alexander County Schools and Alexander County Library.  The goal is to inspire creativity in the teens of Alexander County.  The contest is open to all high school students from Alexander County regardless of educational institution.

I cannot wait for everyone to see the talented works of our teens!

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