Friday, November 7, 2014

Annual Storytime Halloween Parade an Adorable Blast!

Here are just a few of my favorite photos of the Halloween Parade through Taylorsville on Halloween, October 31, 2014!  We were lucky to have good weather that morning as the evening was rainy.  

Special thanks to: Alexander County Tax Office; Alexander County Register of Deeds, Ben Hines; Sheriff Chris Bowman; Clerk of Court, Danny Dyson; The Taylorsville Times; Taylorsville Police Department; Taylorsville Town Hall; Taylorsville Savings Bank; Alexander County Head Start and Alexander County Partnership for Children - and all of the staff folks who assisted them.  I also want to thank my awesome volunteers who assisted me - Courtney Gant & Lauren and Lilah Terrell.

Young adult volunteers make the world go round - at least in the library!  Thanks, ladies!

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