Friday, December 12, 2014

Teen Poetry Happens Club Has Been A Creative Bunch This Season!

On November 25, 2014, TPH took a field trip to the Lucas Mansion of The Hiddenite Center to begin work on a poem in honor of the Hiddenite Celebration of the Arts Festival.  The festival occurred on September 27 and our October meeting would have been when we began work on the poem. Alas, the meeting had to be postponed because a funnel cloud twisted through the area that afternoon.  There's a poem in that...

Ah, but we made the trip to the mansion in November! The teens selected words written on the "poetry wall" that hung at the festival and began to fashion a poem.  

Some of the students created individual pieces from their favorite images.  

“King” By Kira Call

     Laughter tinkles across the air, filling the atmosphere with its melodious swell. Colors clash within the warm embrace of the sun vying for recognition, craving attention.  People mill about - some sharing the beautiful day with family, some with friends.  Others still wander alone. 
     It is the day of the festival; excitement and expectation fill the air, along with the pungent odors of sweat, the sweet alluring scent of food.  Art supplies everywhere, scattered about like a child’s forgotten toys, splashing their vibrant contents across the crowded surfaces; bleeding images wherever their paths cross.
       Today, creativity reigns, standing tall with his head held high, coinciding with his queen, the noble art of love and friendship.  Together, the two weave and combine, forming an aura of laughter, good times, and precious memories.

"Feast" by Jeremiah Webb

Under the blue skies and the spirited breeze, I stride steel toed down the pathway of tents.  Towering like a mighty oak, this is what I live for.  The overwhelming fog of scents I follow like a bloodhound.  I hear the horn in the distance as the people quicken just to be in arms-reach of un-foretold riches.  I walk. The tribe is preparing the mighty feast as the players play a song of victory, banging their heads as if under a guise. This is life: music, feasting, and the chance to be spontaneous.

“Festival” by Haley Bucknum

Blessed by beautiful weather
let nothing be wasted.
Horn through walkie-talkie
is the sign to start. 10K
today…even better than before.
Not all who wander are lost,
just remember to turn on the light.
Love as if it were free; creativity flowing,
all ages, love is growing.
Homemade, hometown,
smiles, friends and fun;
bouncy houses, bouncing high.
Falling flat is lots of fun!
Blue icee – cold, yummy,
makes my teeth feel funny.
Together we come and together we stay.
We enjoy each other’s company
until the end of the day.

We plan to complete the final poem and put it together with music and photography by the end of the school year.

More on our TPH December meeting next week! Have a great weekend!


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