Thursday, February 11, 2016

Teen Poetry Happens Demonstrates What "Love Is..." - or not - Through Words

Was excited to have many of the TPH teens (past and present) join me at Poetry Hickory on Tuesday, February 9.  We heard two amazing poets - Gibbons Ruark and Rand Brandes -  read from their collected works.  Both had the pleasure of knowing Nobel Prize winning Irish poet, Seamus Heaney.

Teen Poetry Happens met at Alexander County Library for their February meeting.  Of course, the subject of the month is love.  Check out their creative interpretations.

Summer Chumley reads 
"Love Is You" by Cheyenne Chumley

“Love is…” by Noah Nowell

Love is a dark heart,
A double-edged sword,
A necessary mistake.
For without love,
What do we really have?

"Love is… (This ain’t a love song. You don’t have to sing along)" by Hunter Addington

There’s something in the world that we all want
Everyone always says love is blind
That love will let you down
For the people that find it
oo, there’s another one fallen for love
aahh, there’s another one fallen for love
Lust, hate takes away the love we found
Love is when some takes your candy from your lunch
and you put another in the same spot everytime.
Love is not letting them fade away, never letting the mark they made fade
Love is being there when they crash and burn
Love is staying even when it’s tomorrow for them
Love is dancing inside when you think of them
Love is taking the song to your heart so you’ll never feel alone
Love is keeping your promise even though it kills you inside.
Love is still wondering how you are even if I never call you
Love is thinking and hoping we can be together someday
Love is loving a band so much that when they end you die inside
Love is when you love that band so much you can’t even think about them
Love is when you get so mad at that band that you don’t even know
Love is lying for them

The March 8 meeting will take it on the road to hike at Rocky Face Mountain - weather willing.  Transportation provided from the library and Alexander Central High School.  High school teens, reserve your spot for a ride or just join us out there at 3:30 pm for a photographic journey. Let's see if we can get a TPH member as a winner for the Rocky Face Monthly Photography Contest!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Have a day full of poetry and love!

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