Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Teen Poetry Happens Joins "Dare To Speak the Word Aloud" Poetry Readings at Hiddenite Arts

The Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center celebrated the words of Dr. Maya Angelou with an art reception on January 10, 2016. Local artists interpreted Dr. Angelou's poetic words and quotes through many different art forms. Then, on January 30 (after a postponement due to a snowstorm), poets gathered to celebrate her works in spoken word, music, and through interpretive dance and sign language. 
                                                               Senior TPH member,  
                                                             Cheyenne Chumley

Senior TPH member, Summer Chumley

 Senior TPH member, Allison Hager

Teen Poetry Happens joined the fantastic group of readers, musicians, and art appreciators at the Center's Dare to Speak the Word Aloud event.  This was the final program surrounding the poetry of Dr. Maya Angelou and the many artists who were inspired to create around her words.

The teen poets selected favorite works of Dr. Angelou to read aloud.  So proud of their participation in this remarkable event.

Freshman TPH member,
Hunter Addington                                                               

Sophomore TPH member, Noah Nowell

Also, be aware the Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center's Annual Regional Artist Exhibit & Competition Youth Division entry deadline is tomorrow - Thurs. Feb. 18th by 4pm at the Lucas Mansion. If you are a student artist, please be sure to participate and share your creativity!


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  1. I am so proud of TPH and everyone who made this such an uplifting, inspiring event. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talents with us. Hope everyone can be a part of the Youth Division art exhibit - remember, you are always welcome to visit and compose poetry in the gallery anytime through the month!