Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Teen Poetry Happens Composes First Poem For The Year and Visits Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center for "Love Is..."

Teen Poetry Happens heads to the Hiddenite Arts and Heritage Center today, October 11, to select favorite phrases from the "Love Is..." wall we had at the Hiddenite Celebration Festival on September 24, 2016. Festival goers wrote their ideas of love all through the day on the wall.   Stay tuned for the resulting poem we will craft.

It is a Teen Poetry Happens tradition to compose the first poem of the school year together. The subject? Why we are TPH; how each of us fits in.  At our first meeting on September 20, students created I AM statements.  Here is the final poem gleaned from it.  Enjoy!

“TPH, I Am”
by Teen Poetry Happens, September 20, 2016

I am awkward, goofy, a little bit quirky.
I am important, yet quiet.
I am eager to learn, free-spirited, the art and the artist.
I am loud.
I am a frantic compass of fleeting thoughts, a reservoir untapped by man.

I see hurting, hatred, brokenness.
I see emptiness, ignorance, and a chaotic stillness.
I see beauty, grace, and a tree with many names.
I see inspiration and love.
I see all colors – life in astounding beauty.

I want love, a world free of war.
I want to see others be friendly, healthy, and happy.
I want a stable future within sight for those who pursue artistic freedom.
I want to create out loud, all over, everywhere.
I want people to know my name.

I am persuasive, sarcastic, and ambitious - not in money, not in fame, but to bring a better life.
I see bright futures in those who won’t let mediocrity dim the lights.
I want to capture the vast glory in the world around me.
I want to take a journey, through thick and thin, literary or visual, to peace.

We should dare to find it.

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