Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fun Form Blackout Poetry Yields Great Words For Teen Poetry Happens

For the first meeting of the new year on January 17, Teen Poetry Happens met at the library and created Blackout Poetry.  With this form, the writer takes words from a written page like in a magazine, blacking out words not needed, and leaving only the ones that are used.  (Or some people may choose to highlight the words they want to use.)  It's a wonderful way to fashion a poem if one has a hard time coming up with words!

“What Is Not Blacked Out” by Noah Nowell
Knowledge can solve the character I am.
But until I love from behind the monitors,
I fall.

“Hot Tracks For You” by Tati Pierre

The warmest slow jam
like wondrously monster beats.
A hip-swaying ode to the guys,
the perfect R&B sweetheart.
Chilly beats, woozy synths,
light-as-feather croon;
serves up angelic vocals. Dark, sexy –
most dangerous, is straight
out of the psycho theme.

“Powerful” by Janah Bucknum

Passionate readers reading
about courageous life, love, and light.
Reading is an emotional experience
straight from the heart. A story
is music with a message; safe,
fearless, powerfully revealing.
I can’t stop listening.
I have grottos and statues I’ve written.
Some of it makes no sense. Some,
beautiful for sure. I challenge
anyone to always treasure art.

“Top of the Mountain”
by Courtney Gant

The top of the mountain
is clad a little differently;
the other way, not perfect,
slightly exiled. The journey –

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