Thursday, April 7, 2011

And the Winners Are...

OK, Folks!

The theme for 2014 has been determined as well as the slogans for the UNDERGROUND theme for 2013. And the winners are...


Children's Slogan - "Dig Into Reading"
Teen Slogan -"Beneath the Surface"
Adult Slogan - "Groundbreaking Reads"

The all over general theme for 2014 is......Science.

The good news is that recycling, going green, wildlife, agriculture - all of that can go under a science banner. "Environment" ended up being one of the top three along with "Heroes", but science wins. Guess we'll blow things up!!! Just kidding...

The photos are from the conference room where we meet. Every state, but Hawaii, that is in CSLP made it this year. CSLP President, Sue Sherif, and our State Youth Services Consultant, Lori Special, are also pictured.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! I have one more day of meetings. It has been an adventure that I will always treasure.


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