Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go Green Is Still Alive

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to report that the proposed 2014 theme of "Go Green" and the environment is still alive out here in Phoenix. So is the "Heroes" theme that was suggested.

There are 9 categories to choose from. We go to vote tomorrow, so I hope enough folks deem Green worthy.

For Children's Underground Slogans for 2013, there are a lot of Dig Deep, Dig Into Reading or a Story type of offerings. We'll see how that shakes down. I will report tomorrow the final outcome! (If I'm allowed to do so. They may tell me it's top secret. It's my first time doing this...)

We also looked at proposed artists today. There were so many great ones that would be awesome for the Underground theme.

Have met so many wonderful folks from all over the United States. Had lunch with the current president of CSLP, Sue Sherif, who lives in Alaska. Her sister, by the way, is Joan Sherif, a librarian in the NW region of NC. How cool! I kept thinking she reminded me of someone. :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Yay for the green! Although I like the heroes theme also. I'd be happy either way. What about you?

    Oh that's right! You're the one who actually carries out the theme in your local library! It would be so cool if they go with your idea.